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Montana Explorer from Northwest, Montana

I had a pair of Asolo boots that I wore for 9 years and worked great. I put around 1500-2000 miles on them. I never got any blisters. So when buying new boot I decided to stick with Asolo. I bought these boots. I wore them around campus and to work to break them in for two months before I started putting them into heavy use. They worked great. The boots were comfortable and sturdy. However when I put a backpack on they changed totally. I got the biggest blisters on my heals that I have ever had. I tried all different sorts of socks and bandaging techniques to fix my heals but the boot just kept eating them up. Finally I had to return them for a pair of boots that I could carry weight with. I also found that they leaked water. Even when waxed they still leaked.


So first thing, these boots are gorgeous and versatile. I've worn them to work, I've worn them to teach high schoolers (side job), and I've worn them to casual events. The "BUT" is that they are exactly my size, in other words, there's no way I can wear thick socks. This was a warning others gave in reviews, but I didn't heed them. The only other issue is that they are a little tight along the top of the midfoot, but I have faith that the leather will wear in a bit and this won't be a problem. Overall, I'm happy with them and I anticipate buying a pair in another color as soon as a sale comes along (but in the wide version or one size larger so I can wear thicker socks if I want).


I love these!! I can wear them without worry as they are water proof and with the distressed brown color scratches are natural to the boots. I would give them 5 stars except the shaft that attaches is slightly awkward with how it hooks underneath. I had to tighten them so that they would not move and cause a gap in between. Once I did that they are terrific and I wear them all the time! Love these!


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